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CallTaker is an affordable, sophisticated cloud based business management system that allows you to connect and service your business and customers more efficiently and easily than ever before. Log calls, create requests, assign tasks, run reports, dispatch technicians. All this and much more is possible with CallTaker. CalltTaker is the complete business tool you have been looking for.


CallTaker has an easy to set up and easy to use call log system. This will allow all types of business to log and track calls from customers or clients. Perfect for call centres, help desks, security and car park management and any type of job that requires call logging, tracking of customer data and task management.


Along with logging calls, CallTaker has a built in simple to use task or job management system. This system will easily allow you assign and track calls, tasks jobs and more. Perfects for tracking sales leads, customer complaints or enquires, technician dispatching and much more.


CallTakers advanced workflow management will allow you to automatically assign certain tasks to certain employees or teams. Even if you don’t know who is responsible for a job or task, the workflow management system will do this for you by assigning tasks to the right team or employee.


Manage your customers with ease with CallTakers customer management tools. Easily set up new customers and store various types of customer data. CallTaker even has a contact form for your web site that links directly with Calltaker acting as a self service request form for your customers.

Business Management for All Types of Business

CallTaker brings together all your customer and business information in a single, integrated business management platform that enables you to connect your business, your staff and your customers like never before. CallTaker is easy to setup, easy to use, easy to manage and has various powerful built in features. CallTaker can be used for pre-sales, post-sales, marketing, customer service, workflow management and much more. CallTaker helps your business grow because it tracks the history of customer and client interactions. From calls made and emails sent, to meetings held, presentations delivered.

Do it all and more with CallTaker

CallTaker is an affordable, sophisticated and customizable cloud based business management system. With CallTaker you can log calls, create requests, assign tasks, run reports, dispatch technicians, manage tasks and workflows, collaborate with teams, team chat and much more.

To run smoothly, your business needs customer relationship data that’s automatically updated, with instant access for employees, and provides a full history of all communications, meetings, and documents shared. With CallTaker, your business has one place to store every customer, every lead, and every service request, all of their contact info, preferences, and history so your conversations are always personal, relevant, and up-to-date.

CallTaker is there for you, When and Where you need it.

CallTaker is a 100% cloud based system meaning you can take it anywhere and access it anytime. And because CallTaker has been built with the latest in responsive UX/UI design, it is completely usable on all devices inducing smart phones and tablets. With CallTaker, you can always be in touch with your staff, business and customers no matter where they or you are.

A CallTaker for you:

Car Park Management

For car park managers and operators. Manage your car parks and customers in one place

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Security Management

For all types of security organisations monitoring sites and security despatch staff.

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Facility Management

For all types of facility or building managers monitoring and managing facilities and sites

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Help Desk Management

For all types of help desks and help desk staff. Assit your customers or internal teams easily.

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Workflow Management

Easily manage tasks and jobs with CallTakers workflow management tool.

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Issue Tracking

Track internal and external bugs, issues and complaints and more with CallTaker

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Customer Service/Call Center Management

CallTaker is perfect for recording calls from customers and assisting customers in call centers

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Dispatch Management

Easily assign technicians, tradesmen or field staff and dispatch to sites with ease.

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