Demonstration Companies

You can log in to any of our demonstration companies as any user type. Simply select an option from the lists below.

Building Management

Customer Support/Sales

IT support

Carpark Management Company:

This is a call center remotely monitoring and managing a number of carparks scattered around the country. CSR's (Customer Service Reps) have video monitor access to the sites via Calltaker and control panels to control equipment at each site (such as boom gates and ticket machines - dummy controls for this demo).

Customers are Members of the public in a carpark having difficulties with entering or leaving. Problems encountered include such things as Pay Machine not accepting credit card, boom gate not opening, ticket machine not working. Calls occurs when a customer presses the red HELP button on a machine. This opens a phone call to the service centre. Most calls are handled over the phone and recorded and closed immediately.

If a call is about a broken piece of equipment, the call will be allocated to a service technician and left "Open" until repairs are completed and the technician closes the call through Calltaker. Management can display reports and graphs of the number of calls coming in per day and how long they are taking to close.

Select a user type to log into Calltaker:

Calltaker 1

Calltaker 2

Service Technician

Service manager

System Administrator

General Manager

E-Commerce Support:

This is a company that sells products via their web site.Customer complaints and help requests come through via the phone to their service centre. CSR's (Customer Service Reps) log all calls through Calltaker and, if they are unable to close the call immediately, will assign/escalate to someone else.

The company's web site also contains the Calltaker 'Customer Log In', 'Service Request' and 'Contact Us' plugins so customers can log their requests online. These are created as calls, and if the customer logs in when creating a call, they can follow up on their call status by logging back in.

Select a user type to log into Calltaker:


Service Technician

System Administrator


Service manager

Or go to the company website to see the Customer Login, Contact Us and Service Request plugins in operation. Once you register, these plugins can be inserted into your own web site.
Click here to view the company web site and see the plugins in action

IT Service Request Centre:

This is a larger organisation that has an IT service department (Helpdesk) that provides IT-realted services to the rest of the organisation.

Here, "customers" are employees of the organisation, and other users might include external contractors/technicians who assist in servicing requests.

This organisation also implements a "Service Catalogue" which is a list of standard services it provides to the rest of the organisation. Users can go to the service catalogue, request a service, fill in their details and submit. This will create a service request automatically and begin the workflow task allocation & escalation process.

This organisation also implements full workflow processing and automated task allocation and overdue task escalation up the management chain. This example organisation, which is Level 3, also implements Departments and Teams, along with designated managers of those.

Examples of service requests include:

  • Password reset
  • Supply & configure new desktop computer
  • Set up new staff member and supply and install computer
  • Add extra software to existing system
  • Computer not working.
  • Select a user type to log into Calltaker:

    View Org Chart

    General Manager/CEO

    IT Director

    HR Director

    Payroll Admin

    System Administrator

    Requestor 1

    Requestor 2

    Desktop Support Team manager

    IT Service Desk Support

    Desktop Support Service Technician

    Network Administrator