Facility Management

For facility managers and operators

Take customer calls

Record all calls and issue types

Monitor your Facilities and sites

Dispatch staff or technicians

Sophisticated Management for Sites and Facilities

Monitoring and managing facilities can be a complicated task with many factors involved. CallTaker facility management software makes this task easy. With a range of tools and features to make managing facilities easier then ever before. With CallTaker facility management software, you can always be on top of your facilities and sites.

Easily assign, manage and record tasks

CallTaker facility management software has a detailed task and job tracking tool. This means you can easily create and assign tasks to employees, monitor their progress and manage the flow. When manage a facility there are lots of tasks that take place such as cleaning, maintenance and security monitoring. CallTaker facility management allows you to easily organise these tasks and assign and ensure all tasks are done.

Integrate Links, Maps, Floor Plans, Applications and more

CallTaker offers 2 main control panels as well as one additional control panel that are specific to the site, equipment, customer or whatever you set the field as. The control panels are fully dynamic and change depending on the option selected. You can embed almost any file, document, web based application or URL into the control panel. You might want to embed a Google map, a cctv, VoIP system, security control software, a floor layout plan using smart draw or a number of other applications or files to enable your staff to easily control and manage your facility.

Complete control over your facility

CallTaker facility Management software has a range of analytical tools such as reports and live graphs that will allow you to analyse your facility more easily and in more detail than ever before. The data can be used to manage staff and assign staff, manage facility incidents, and better plan for the future. CallTaker facility management software is a complete bird’s eye view of your facility, giving you complete control over the tasks involved for successful operations.

Easily dispatch staff, technicians or repair personnel

CallTaker facility management software is cloud based meaning all your staff can be connected all the time, no matter where they are. CallTaker facility management software makes it easy for the Calltaker to assign personnel to a facility with all the information they need for speedy action of the task.