CallTaker Intergrates with SmartDraw

SmartDraw is a web based floor plan or layout drawing tool that allows you to easily create professional floor plans. Its drag and drop features allow you to create stunning floor plans in no time. You can then easily embed or link your floor plan into CallTaker using the control panel feature. Easily embed car park layouts, site plans or more.With CallTaker business management and SmartDraw, the possibilities are endless.

CallTaker Intergrates with Amano X-Parc

CallTaker seamlessly integrates with the Amano x-parc car park management system fro Amano x-parc car park equipment. With Amano x-parc being web based, you can easily add your amino x-parc site into Calltaker by simply adding the URL for the page you wish to open on the administration panel. This means you don’t have to have various site windows open and with the site screen changing dynamically on either site or equipment selection, your staff d not need to go searching for the site, the information and x-parc control screen are all there at the touch of a button.

CallTaker Goes Portable

CallTaker Is now completely responsive, this measn that you can easily take your CallTaker anywhere and use anytime on any device. Using CallTaker business management system on the go means that managers and staff dont need to be stuck behind their desks, and support desk staff can easily communicate and collaborate with feild technicians and sales members.

CallTaker has Arrived!

Finally the wait for better business management is over. CallTaker has been released and is ready for you. check out the demo page or sign up for free today to start using CallTaker and get on the road to better business management.

CallTaker Going Live!

We hear at CallTaker are happy to announce the first live release date of CallTaker is due for Wednesday 6th September 2017. The first live release will come with all the main features of CallTaker and will be ready for customers to begin testing and using right away.