Easy to Use, Powerful Business Management Software

Built with the user in mind with the latest User Experience and User Interface technology, CallTaker business management system has a clean, refreshing layout that looks great and makes it easy for your staff to navigate and manage. Each user type has access to all the tools they need, and nothing they don’t. Add or edit users, change or add inputs or forms, generate reports, add and edit customers or sites and more. CallTaker removes the need to have an IT degree or expensive on site IT staff.

Easily Log, Track and assign Calls and Tasks

CallTakers management screen makes it easy to log calls, create and assign jobs or tasks, collaborate with other teams and more. With the click of a button you will be effortlessly managing or logging new jobs, tasks or calls. Assign jobs and track the workflow with ease. Tasks can easily be edited or reopened at anytime to edit or complete and the team chat keeps you in touch with staff all the time.

Effortless Task Management

CallTaker's task management makes it easy to assign jobs, tasks or work. The easy to read task details panel makes it easy for teams to connect, collaborate and ensure that everyone knows exactly what is happening all the time. Each job is represented with a dynamic progress bar and history letting staff and teams know the progress of the job and what is required to proceed further for effortless workflow management.

Seamless Collaboration with Team Chat

Team collaboration is a must for effective task and team management. CallTakers team chat allows you to always keep in contact with other users and teams. This allows for seamless task and project collaboration. CallTaker is the perfect tool for complete business management and team collaboration.

Links, Maps, Applications and more

CallTakers management control panel allows you to link various important tools such as; websites, links, files, maps or other cloud or based web applications within its iFrame component making it even easier to multitask and expand your staffs work management ability. Add a web page, a web based application such as a car park or building management system, CCTV viewing pane, cloud storage folder, car park or site layout, or maybe even insert dynamic Goolge maps to track technicians or customer locations. CallTaker allows for multiple dynamic screens and integrated links.

Quick access to information

CallTaker's built in CMS allows for easy creation to access information pages dynamically for customers or site information as well as things such as issue resolution or scripts for customer service reps. With the quick access CMS pages, information is available to staff at the touch of a button without leaving the page.

Easily edit fields and data inputs

Through the admin dashboard, you can easily edit fields and forms. CallTaker has a standard set of forms and input fields however you can edit, and even add some customized fields to suite your business needs. With CallTaker business management system, you have the freedom to make it work for you, the way you want.

Built in CMS (Content Management System)

CallTakers Built in CMS allows you to easily create pages within the CallTaker system such as customer or site information pages. It can also be used to create scripts for staff or even training manuals or guides. The CMS pages can be linked to inputs within the CallTaker system and easily accessed. The CMS sites specific to the subject you link it to so you can easily have different screens for different customers, sites, or issues. The CMS pages can also be stand alone and act as a staff learning and information portal and editing the CMS pages is almost as easy as editing a word document.

Simple Site and Customer Management

Managing sites, customers and the admin pane is a simple and clean process that takes no time at all. CallTakers clean layout makes it easy to navigate the different menus and begin entering customer or organizational information. CallTaker is sophisticated business management made easy. No IT degree needed with CallTaker.

Self Service Web Form

CallTaker's request form makes it possible for your customers to easily submit requests or issues. CallTakers self service form can easily be embedded on your web site for customers to log complaints, enquiries, request or more. The form can also be provided as an external link or address. When a customer submits the form, the job will be automatically submitted into CallTaker and assigned to the appropriate team member.

Reports on demand

No more messy reports and excel hassles. Reports are easily produced and can be customized to your preferences. Reports and charts show live up to date live data and add a whole new layer of transparency and analytical ability. All reports are shared by all users making it easy for anyone to produce up to date reports in a flash.

With CallTaker you can also set it to generate and email reports at any set period you want making it easy to get monthly reports emailed automatically to managers or even clients

Customer and Task Management, Anywhere, Anytime, Any device

CallTaker is a hosted business management solution, this means that you can manage your business, manage teams, complete tasks and collaborate from anywhere, anytime an on any device. CallTakers flexibility makes it even easier to manage your business, complete tasks and collaborate.

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