CallTaker Sales Management

CallTaker Sales Management is a great tool for any organization, big and small who which to better manage the sales process and support their customers. With built in features such as easy call logging, call tracking, escalation functions and content management, managing and supporting your customers and sales team has never been easier.

Sales, Sales, Sales

CallTaker Sales Management has a range of features that make managing your sales team and supporting your customers easier than ever. CallTaker will help you manage sales enquiries, lead follow up, closing sales and more. Provide better support, better service and improved transparency for your company and your staff.

Better transparency

CallTaker Sales Management has a range of analytical tools such as reports and live graphs that will allow you to analyze your sales and business more easily and in more detail. Reporting and analytics built in give you a better overview and understanding of the business and allow you to better plan ahead.

One Job, One CallTaker

CallTaker has a range of built in features that allow you to add information and connect to web pages, maps, cloud storage and more. CallTaker also has a built in CMS that allows you to easily create customer data pages, information pages and you can even create scripts for sales staff. The call scripts and data sheets are connected to each customer or product and are available at the touch of a button from the call screen so staff does not need to go searching for the information they need. The result is an easy to use, easy to navigate system that will ensure better customer satisfaction, improved sales management and less training for staff.


CallTaker Sales Management is cloud based so anyone, anywhere can access the system. The workflow management allows you to easily connect with other staff, technicians, management teams and just about anyone who needs to be a part of the site management process. Easily escalate or assign a sales manager to follow up or close the sale, for seamless workflow management and sales tracking.