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Whatever product or service you sell, and whether your customers are internal or external, CallTaker ™ provides your customer service team, and management, with all the tools they need to efficiently support customers, keep them updated, ensure issues are followed up, and provide team leaders the tools they need to effectively manage their service team.

Don't let another service call "fall through the cracks".

  • Log service calls,
  • Create and track requests,
  • Assign tasks,
  • Permanent history of all contact, job allocation and comments
  • Search jobs by customer name, date, email address, and others,
  • Auto-escalate overdue actions
  • Track faulty equipment
  • Dispatch technicians.
  • Define fulfilment activities and timeframes.

All this and much more is possible with CallTaker.

Manage your service team like never before.

  • Service team leaders have all the tools they need to see who is doing what.
  • Report on numbers of jobs logged and closed per service person, and length of time spent of jobs.
  • Create and manage teams and allocate staff to teams.
  • Automatic or manual allocation of jobs to teams or team members.
  • Produce KPI reports on team performance.

Mobile access for service teams

Calltaker is perfect for your mobile service technicians. Using a phone or tablet, they can:

  • View their personal and the team's job queues,
  • Receive service calls
  • Exchange messages with other team members,
  • Enter status updates,
  • Take and upload photos of equipment for adding to the service history of the item.
  • Enter comments against service history of equipment,
  • Close or re-allocate/escalate service call,

IT Self-Service Catalogue

Instantly create a self-service catalogue system for your internal or external customers.

  • Create public-facing or internal-facing service catalogue.
  • Add catagories, services and descriptions.
  • Define KPI rules (eg, average time to fulfilment).
  • Define management structures (enables authorisation and auto-escalation).
  • Define request authorisation rules.
  • Define fulfilment activities and information.
  • Define fulfilment workflow processes.
  • Define auto-escalation routes, timeframes and alerts.
  • Define fulfilment teams and managers.

Data sovereignty

If you are a government organisation that requires data sovereignty, we can ensure your data is held within your national borders, provided the cloud service provider maintains data servers in your country.

On-premise installation

A larger organisation can install Calltaker on-premise and take control of expansion and integration of the application for a single, one-off purchase price.

Public Carpark Management

If your company manages public carparks, then we have a solution ready-made for you, with interfaces to common carpark equipment (boomgates and ticket/payment machines).

The software has API integration points set up for your device control software (such as Amano XParc), so that when a customer presses the Help button, the call immediately pops up on your service team's screen, is immediately logged within the system and tracked.

The customer service person is automatically presented with detailed information about the location and device, including customer support information and common solutions.

The device control panel is also displayed in the same screen, allowing the service person to manually open boom gates, etc.

Integrate Links, Maps, Floor Plans, Applications and more

  • Instant popup response to customer call button,
  • Interfaces with equipment control software (eg, Amano Xparc),
  • Optional integration with CCTV
  • Popup response scripts for actioning issues
  • Report on commonly failing equipment,
  • Track response times and queue sizes,
  • Dispatch technician to site,
  • Technician response input via tablet or phone,
  • Define fulfilment teams and managers,
  • Produce KPI reports on team performance

API Integration into your own website

If you have an existing website, you can integrate post-sales customer service calls into your website, using our API calls, by simply adding a button to your web site. So, you get the appearance of your website, with the functionality of Calltaker. Then, in the backend, support staff use Calltaker to manage customer service requests, as normal.


All you need, when you need it.


CallTaker is cloud based so it's available anywhere, anytime on any device. It can also be installed on your own host.


Built in content management system allows you to easily create content pages for service personnel information portals, learning pages and more.


Connect staff like never before through, mail, chat and insightlful workflow management - all with CallTaker.


CallTaker keeps your data secure by backing it up to the cloud, and ensuring it stays out of the wrong hands.


With no need for expert IT expertice and an easy to use admin panel, you save time and money with CallTaker.


If installed on your own host, CallTaker can be customised to suit your needs, or intergrated with other software.

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$Reduce your costs,

$improve productivity,

$improve your customer satisfaction,

$make your management happy!