Simple User Dashboard

The user dashboard is elegant, simple and layed out in a way that makes it fast and easy to navigate and use. All the tools staff need are right there at a click of the mouse button. On the main dashbaord screen users are always shown how may pending open jobs there are and CallTaker's AI even notifies them as to how many open jobs are pending for them as well as the whole team or organisation.

Reports on demand

No more messy reports and excel hassles. Reports are easily produced and can be easily customized to your preferences or set to receive reports automatically to email when you need them. Better still, all reports are shared by all users making it easy for anyone to produce up to date reports in a flash.

With CallTaker you can also set it to generate and email reports at anyset period you want making it easy to get monthly reports emailed automatically to managers or even clients

Easily Log, Track and assign Calls and Jobs

CallTakers simple to use and beautifully presented work management screen makes it easy to log calls and create new jobs. With the click of a button you will be into the management screen and effortlessly managing or logging new jobs or calls. The management screen allows for the user to easily assing jobs and enter data and mformation and can easily open the job again at anytime to edit or complete. All changes made in the management screen are recorded so that each team member knows exactly what is heppening so there is no disconnect or missed commnication.

Effortless Workflow Management

CallTaker's management screen makes it easy to assign and reassign jobs and all changes and comments are recordedin and easy to read panel within the manageemnt screen so teams and staff know exactly what is happening all the time. Each job is reeresented with a dynamic progress bar letting staff and teams know the progress of the job and what is requried to proceed further making for effortless workflow management.

Links, Maps, Applications and more

CallTakers Management screen has the option to add additional screens, websites, maps or other cloud based web applications within its iFrame component making it even easier to multitask and expand your staffs work management skills. Assign a web based application such as a car park or building management system or a CCTV viewing pane or maybe even insert dynamic goolge maps to track technicians or customer locations. The iFrame can be assign to a site, or customer so that only a specific screen si displayed and the iFrame is free for you to use how you want.

Quick access to information

CallTaker's built in CMS can create easy to access information pages for customer or site information as well as things such as issue resolution or scripts. With the quick access CMS pages, information is available to staff at the touch of a button without leaving the page.

Comprehensive Admin Dashboard

CallTaker's admin dashboard looks great and makes it easy for your admin staff to navigate and manage your CallTaker. From the admin panel you have access to all the backend manageemnt tools available to CallTaker. Add or edit users, change or add inputs or selections, generate reports, add and edit customers or sites and you can even change the layout of the dashboard to best suit you. The Calltaker admin dashboard has everything you need and nothing you dont, and is easy for almost anyone to use eliminating the need to have an IT degree or exspensive on site IT staff. Just click on an option to get started and see how easy it is for you to manage CallTaker.

Built in CMS (Content Management System)

CallTakers Built in CMS allows you to easily create pages within the CallTaker system such as customer or site information pages. It can also be sued to create scripts for staff or even training manuals or guides. The CMS pages can be lnked to inputs withn the CallTaker system and easily accessed from the managemetn screen. The CMS sites specific to the subject you link it to so you can easily have different screens for different customers, sites, or issues. The CMS pages can also be stand alone and act as a staff learning and information portal and editing the CMS pages is almost as easy as editing a word document.

Easily edit fields and data inputs

Through the admin dashboard, you can easily edit fields and data selection list items. Some of the list items available are linked to specific sites or customers and so you can have differnet sets of selections fro different customers or sites. This makes it easy for doing things such as displaying that a specific customer has a specific set of equipment that is different to other customers.

Simple Site and Customer Management

Managing sites and customers is a simple and clean process that takes no time at all. All the main input fields are available such as name, location and type and from here you can also create a CMS page fro the site or customer or add a control page that will load within your iFrame on the management screen.

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