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CallTaker is an affordable, sophisticated and customizable cloud based customer service management system for pre- or post-sales customer support, internal user support for IT help desks, carpark and property security help desks, or anywhere where you need to provide and track service to public or internal users, customers or other organisations.

  • Log and track support calls
  • Create service requests
  • Assign tasks
  • Track overdue tasks and overdue service requests
  • Monitor faulty equipment
  • Dispatch technicians
  • Communicate directly with remote technicians
  • Manage job workflow
  • Manage service teams
  • Service team KPI reports
  • Support internal or external customers
  • Add customer support to your existing web site
  • Implement Internal IT or HR help-desk
  • Create Public how-to pages.
  • Implement Internal-facing IT Service Catalogue.

CallTaker Call Logging

CallTaker is not just a CRM, but a powerful all-round business management tool for improving efficiency and productivity.

To run smoothly, your business needs customer relationship data that’s automatically updated, with instant access for employees, and provides a full history of all communications, meetings, and documents shared. With CallTaker, your business has one place to store every customer, every lead, every service request, all of their contact info, preferences,and history so your conversations are always personal, relevant, and up-to-date. All available on mobile and desktop, and through powerful reports & dashboards.

CallTaker Call Logging

Improve productivity and efficiency of your customer support,

Reduce costs,

Improve your KPI's,

Reduce risk and commitment,

Make your customers happier,

Make senior management happier

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Take charge of your customer service management


CallTaker is cloud based so it's available anywhere, anytime on any device. It can also be installed on your own host.


Built in content management system allows you to easily create content pages for service personnel information portals, learning pages and more.


Connect staff like never before through, mail, chat and insightlful workflow management - all with CallTaker.


CallTaker keeps your data secure by backing it up to the cloud, and ensuring it stays out of the wrong hands.


With no need for expert IT expertice and an easy to use admin panel, you save time and money with CallTaker.


If installed on your own host, CallTaker can be customised to suit your needs, or intergrated with other software.

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